• AECAS 2000



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    The AECAS collision avoidance systems are electronic units which, when integrated with an obstacle detection sensor and a flight management unit, prevent rotary wing and multirotor vehicles of colliding.

    The AECAS 2000 provides vehicles with both Emergency Distance Control (EDC) and Active Braking Supervision (ABS):

    - EDC moves the vehicle away form an obstacle if a minimum safety distance is not respected (this safety distance is user-calibrated)

    - ABS causes the vehicle to brake and come to a stop if a collision with an obstacle in the direction of motion is predicted

    The AECAS 2000 works seamlessly with some sensors (see Support/Sensors) and via a standard interface able to receive pre-processed information from any other obstacle detection sensor.

    All AECAS systems feature low-power electronics in a lightweight anodized aluminium case.

    Note: You will need to update your Autopilot code in order to receive and implement the corrections provided by the AECAS unit.


  • Specifications



    Processor: ARM® Cortex™ A8

    CPU Clock: 1GHz

    Ethernet:1x 10/100MBit Ethernet PHY;

    USB: 2x USB 2.0 Standard‐A Host Connector;

    Power Connector: 4.5-5.5V/2.0A, 2.1 mm Barrel Connector;

    Expansion Connector: SPI x1/2; 2xI2C; 3xUART;

    Temperature range: Commercial (0° to 70°C) / Industrial (-40° to 85°C);

    Dimmentions: 90x80x16mm

    Weight: 130g

  • Documentation


    User Manual (coming soon)

    Interface Protocol Definition (coming soon)